The Forex is for foreign Currency Exchange. It is a decentralized market of world trade . The Forex is designed to facilitate the flow of money comes from international negotiations.The Forex is the largest of earth exchange market. A higher financial market volume of money to nearly 4 trillion dollars a day. It is a market of independent variations of trade and real prices between two foreign currencies. FX is an open market for trading 24 hours a day, five days a week. And without supervision by the CNBV in some major countries of the world. A world market that no one regulates. A market with  great values in their transactions , can not help but offer great risks.

Attention to invest in Forex:

– With the probable losses due to high volatility of the exchange rate.

-The money for the investment has not been of loan. Due to the high risk, you may lose everything.

– Invest through  broker that are regulated by the authorities of the country of investment.

– Money set aside for the payment of rent, school, food should not be risky in Forex market.

– IS a non-regulated market in some countries.

– The bad leverage, high degree of leverage can work against the investor.

– There is the possibility of losing the deposit funds in the margin and have a responsibility to make a deposit to hold a position.

– Software applications , and other hardware problems that may prevent the real-time monitoring of operations and to settle transactions when necessary.

– Foreign exchange risk is the risk associated with the fluctuation of the exchange rate of the currency against another currency .

– With income from other applications or own forex , reinvest only a part .

– The risk of the exchange rate , the risk of interest rate, credit risk and country risk .

– The necessary knowledge about the Financial Market Forex, the discipline and the strategy are important factors that will make the risks  Minimized. The losses are inevitable in the world of Investments.


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