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To begin it must be made clear that the investment through the Forex Auto Trading is not compared to a machine to make fortuna immediately.

The Forex Auto Trading is a system that facilitates the investor’s life. So his goal is to save time and make gains without messing with the emotional side of the investor. However, it is necessary to know how it works, this article is to familiarize users with financial market Forex investing through the Forex Auto Trading. Robot or the EA (Expert Advisor) are generated scripts to run automatically or semi-automatically from a given negotiation strategy, in other words, are automated systems of negotiation. These systems have helped many to achieve profit from Forex.

The Forex Auto Trading is the codification of the technical analysis that the trader are based on technical indicators and mathematical calculations that are performed by scripts that are placed on trading platforms and are able to do work similar to that of a trader .

The difference between the Auto trading and the operations to be carried out manually by trader is the speed, a transaction without error and without involving the emotional side .

In auto Forex transactions  are made through programming gains and small risks .

Thus, the auto forex trading excludes all the stress and pressure of constant monitoring of the market because the orders are scheduled in order to give the best possible outcome.

Another advantage to operate Forex auto trading is in relation to access the account, only the owner of the account have. The EA ( Expert Advisor ) access the trading platform,  and blocks others have access to income and stir in cash.

The work of EA ( Expert Advisor ) can be monitored daily with monthly profitability.

In Forex  trading   is the software Metatrader    the most popular  in world.

When an EA ( Expert Advisor ) offer a return of 20% or more , be careful , this EA has great risk , it may be that sooner or later the account can munch through the money is in the account.

When choosing an EA, check if the risk is moderate or what level of that risk, and which the drawdown (amount of money lost in a business).



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