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Learn how to make an effective risk management in the forex market. Enjoy close more positions in the green. Increase your earnings this financial market. In forex money management is essential to survive in this volatile financial market. Leave to neglect the basic rules of trading when it comes to money management, it is undoubtedly a great start to start losing money. If the investor has a strategy or technique to win more often than lose, then you have the benefit of getting to accumulate safely and regularly gains, narrowly avoiding thus open positions against market movements. Otherwise, if the investor has a strategy that commits more errors than hits an adequate management of money will help minimize the loss of capital, so you do not end up busting your account. Continue reading to find out what to do, the recommended strategies and what tools you should use. Complete guide to managing risk in forex The forex market is a decentralized global, where every day millions of professional and amateur traders negotiate 24 hours a day the major currency pairs. It is the most popular financial market with operations carried out by small and large speculators, central banks, governments, among others. Despite this, it is important to know that there are many risks in time to use forex robots or use a trading strategy. To invest € 100 Debt, Oil, Gold or Stocks? Try it now! Overall, you may happen to have hit on a good start trading strategy, however, as they pass the days or on days of important news, their predictions may be wrong. Therefore, it is important to minimize their losses and short-term trading. Currently, with the vast experience we have in this profitable financial market, we already have many positions closed in the green and some red, and the latter proved to be a bad option caused by an incorrect forecast, but fortunately suffered small losses. However, there are traders who do not like to close positions in the red, but sometimes it has to be. Even the best traders close positions negative, so do not be afraid. Create the account AVAFX Forex and Make Money! According to our experience today to manage the risk of investing in forex, we consider the following factors: – We do fundamental analysis and technical analysis of whether we should open purchase positions or sale, and that quotes – We use the Take Profit and Stop Loss to manage risk and minimize losses – In case still open winning positions, but they tend to continue to grow, we apply the break out, that is, move the stop loss to the point of zero profit or a few cents profit, and let the take profit at a level high gains. When is the opposite of what we expect, we open a hedge position.


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