What is Forex ?

It is the largest financial market in the world. FOREX name comes from the words Foreign Exchange. An exchange market for international currencies. This financial market is impossible to control a person, company or country. A forex market that has no boundaries.

What is the aim of the Forex ?

Simplify trade and international investments. Giving the institutions, banks and businesses condition to buy and sell currencies.

Who participates in the Forex ?

Legal persons – commercial companies , international companies , brokerage firms , investment funds , pension managers , financial institutions, central banks , trade and investment .

Physical person can only participate through banks or brokers.

Where is located the Forex?

The financial market Forex does not have a headquarters, where can be made financial transactions. The operations are carried out through electronic networks computerized, internet.

What are the hours of Service of Forex?

24 hours per day , five days a week , in real time.

What minimum value that can be invested in Forex market?

From $ 100 dollars.

What are the main financial centers in the world which operates the Forex ?

New York , London and Frankfurt.

What is the cash movement in the Forex ?

About 4 trillion dollars a day. It is the largest financial market in volume of money and liquidity.

What are the currencies most requested in Forex ?

The US Dollar , the Euro , the Yen and the British Pound .

Which pairs are considered a good investment in Forex ?

EUR / USD – Euro / US Dollar north.

EUR / JPY – Euro / Yen .

EUR / CAD – Euro / Canadian Dollar.

GBP / USD -.Libra Sterling / North American dollar.

USD / JPY – Dollar North American / Japanese Yen

AUD / USD – Australian Dollar / US Dollar north .

NZD / USD – New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar north

What can affect the Forex market operations?

Economic events , political, social and technical issues can affect financial transactions , since the coins reflect the economic situation of the country.

The Forex is a risky market?

The Forex is a financial market much risk, you can gain a lot or lose a lot . To invest in Forex you need to be prepared for losses. Another important detail is to verify that the broker is legally registered to operate. Otherwise, the risk increases even more.



There is no financial market that compares to the Forex.


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