The financial market Forex is exchange of foreign currency. It is the largest financial volume of money and liquidity in the world. Is an international exchange market, where it is made operation of buying and selling of currencies of various countries of our planet.  You think this an exaggeration?

The volume of money moved by day is over 4 trillion dollars.

A market that operates 24 hours a day involving various time zones.

Investing in Forex is a wonderful opportunity to generate income due their conditions of return and liquidity.

But must have some notions about the conditions before investing:

– Personal finance is one of the biggest impediments to invest in Forex.

To succeed in this financial market, it is wise to have a balanced financial life. Do not make loans to apply in Forex. Run the risk of losing everything and still be in debt.

– Define how much it will invest.

It is advisable to invest 20% of available monthly budget balance.

Do not invest to invest. Set goals to achieve a goal, a dream you want to accomplish. That dream will serve as a stimulus for investment motivation. But keep discipline to achieve these goals and achieve your ultimate goal.

– Define what is your type of investor .

Every investment has its risks . Be prepared to take those risks. There  the type of investor more conservative who generally invest up to 70% of its money available in applications of low risk and 30% in the market Forex. There is also the type most ambitious investor who invests up to 80% on Forex his available balance the monthly budget.

Set his likeness as an investor, you will be better able to know how much to invest in Forex.

– Vary your investments.

Do not invest in a single project . Transactions in Forex are purchases and sales of foreign currency through currency pairs. Usually the investor operates a currency pair . But the interesting thing is to operate with multiple currency pairs . Do not focus only on a pair , and set your maximum risk , but diversify this risk in various operations.

In Forex there is no secret to invest, it is necessary to to know the market and have patience. Forex is an investment in the short, medium and long term, their profits will depend on how much you invest. The most important is to have consistent gains over time and avoid large losses. In Forex , whom work is the money.


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