The Forex is today the largest financial market in the world , the daily trading volume reaches almost $ 4 trillion , surpassing the stock and futures markets (futures markets) combined.

But attention to NO involving this Forex market :

Do not be emotional.

Fear is a negative point that a forex trader can not have. The good investor can not let this point influence their business.  The Trading should be a mechanical and unemotional process. A successful negotiator outlines no emotion when trading in the forex market , it keeps stable emotion.

Do not trade forex on strong emotion.

It is recommended do not negotiate anything under emotion. after great emotions when  wins, or loses, the  purchase based on “intuition”, the result is..   Much is lost!

Is in doubt DO NOT negotiate .

Wait for the right time. This time may be within 15 minutes , or hours .

Be aware of the news of the country of the currency you want to invest.

Do not buy more than you have .

The broker has $ 100 to invest. So do not buy $ 50 at one time . Buy in small amounts of $ 20 at a time … observe the market , if favorable , Buy More $ 20 dollars, it is better to earn little, but always, instead of risking and losing everything and one day. In Forex luck or intuition does not prevail .

Do not risk more than 25% of their money.

Analyze every situation and see what value can lose per position , so that in the end does not break your account because did not make a good money management, the recommended ideal is risking no more than 5% per transaction.

Do not trust all ads in the internet.

Many Internet ads promising quick gains very high for those who bet on the Forex financial market. Are quite attractive , these online ads try to convince that the individual can become an ” operator ” in a few days , supplement their income , or even stop working . But as the casino, the Forex does not work.

The last is NOT to reflect !

Will not make much money

Early on,  not go make lots of money or become a millionaire, is just a dream, at least in the beginning. But with dedication, patience and knowledge of the market Forex, many, many gains will come.


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